The best earth-friendly paper straw in the world

BOSS Straws are 100% recyclable and biodegradable with no carbon footprint. Enjoy your drink using paper straws that can hold up in every drink, hot or cold, and take pleasure in helping keep our planet safe, one straw at a time. Learn more about BOSS Straws here. 
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Meet Mr. Boss Straw!


Made in the USA using 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding.


Even in soda, BOSS Straw resists collapsing, shredding, or becoming soggy for 24+ hours.


No pulpy paper taste interfering with your water, tea, lemonade, or pop.


Unlike other paper straws, carbonated drinks do not spill out the top.

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The Boss Straw Difference

Paper straws developed by paper-industry veteran

Long hours and endless research have gone into the development of this innovative, recyclable, and biodegradable paper straw. With roots dating back to 1979, BOSS Straw founder, Guy Spinelli, was able to leverage his extensive knowledge in its development. Countless tree fibers and different processes were tested to identify the optimal combination for this durable paper straw that's also safe for our planet.
Boss Straw paper straw

Food Safe & FDA Compliant Paper straws, made in usa

Did you know that 97% of straws are made in China and are not required to be FDA Compliant? BOSS Straws are made in the USA, are FDA compliant and comply with the FDA equivalent in every nation! No harmful chemicals or processes here, we care about your health and our environment. Learn more about BOSS Straws.

Paper straws that are guaranteed to last in hot or cold drinks for 24 hours!

BOSS Straw is worth the hype, we guarantee it! Unlike the other paper straws on the market, BOSS paper straws have been tested to withstand 24 hours in soda without getting flimsy or breaking down - see it to believe it.
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