Our mission is to provide paper straws that won't alter the taste of your drink while also taking care of our planet.


Did you know that plastic straws take 200 years to turn back into land in a landfill and 200 years to dissolve in water? We're here to provide a better alternative, our straws are 100% Biodegradable with no carbon footprint.

BOSS Straws are biodegradable in just 41 days when in water and 90 days in a landfill - both facts are certified by an independent outside certification company.

We are earth-friendly and unlike plastic straws, we leave no petroleum footprint in landfills or water.

Use BOSS Straws and help save the Earth for our children, animals, and aqua life and reduce our landfills.


Extensive research and quality processes have gone into the development of the BOSS paper straw. Founder, Guy Spinelli, started working in the paper industry in 1979. His strong interest in the industry and experience served as the perfect foundation to engineer this innovative paper straw.

Countless tree fibers and different processes were tested to identify the optimal combination that brought BOSS Straw to life. It has been Spinelli's true pleasure to present a quality paper straw that people enjoy using.

Made In The USA

The raw materials, process components and materials that go into the making of BOSS paper straws occur in the United States. The labor to make, package and ship the paper straws is comprised of a 100% United States workforce. 

Food Safe - FDA Compliant

BOSS Straws are fully compliant with FDA requirements. Our straws have been tested and approved to be in compliance with the FDA and with FDA-type requirements of every nation.

Rigorous testing has been completed to ensure Boss Straws meet or exceed food standard guidelines in the USA and all other countries. Did you know that 97% of all straws are currently manufactured in China and are not required to be FDA Compliant? Without regulation, some straws could contain toxic materials that can dissolve into drinks, and when used long-term, could result in health concerns. That is not a risk you should be taking.

Taste your drink, not your paper straw

Paper straws have earned a bad rep for altering the taste of drinks and falling limp after just a few sips. BOSS Straw is here to change that.

Unlike other paper straws on the market, BOSS Straws are durable and withstand use in hot or cold drinks for extended periods of time. The BOSS doesn’t alter the taste of the beverage and most importantly, is safe to use.

BOSS Straw is your new go-to paper straw. Available in a variety of sizes and two diameters, it provides a safe, sturdy and enjoyable experience no matter the drink. Increase brand awareness when you order BOSS Straws in custom-printed wrappers, available in up to two colors.


We proudly stand behind our product and continuously make every effort to keep our prices low. Our paper straws are competitively priced and are available for purchase direct; we also welcome distribution inquiries and provide discounted rates for bulk orders - contact us to learn more.