cup full of paper straws

Are Paper Straws Better?

Are Paper Straws Better?

Nearly every country in the world is fighting a war on plastic waste. That is because about 300 million tons of plastic are added to our landfills and oceans every year.

Single-use plastic straws are a substantial contributing factor to the world’s plastic waste. That is why Boss Straw produces a new type of paper straw that does not go soggy in your drink and is better for the environment.

What can be better than a paper straw that works as well as a plastic one without damaging the Earth? 

The following answers some of the questions you may have about paper straws and why you should try them.

What Are Paper Straws?

Paper straws are made from food-grade paper, edible inks, and other raw materials. They are biodegradable, and usually decompose in less than a few months.

Why Use Paper Straws?

If you have a business where you serve “to go” beverages, you need to use some sort of single-use straws. Serving stainless steel straws or metal straws would be too costly, making paper straws your best choice.

Paper straws are friendly alternatives to plastic because they are eco-friendly straws. New and improved paper straws make a good option because they do not get soggy when wet.

Are Paper Straws Better Than Plastic Straws?

Paper straws are made from renewable resources. Since these natural materials break down quickly, they have a minor negative environmental impact.

Plastic straws are not made from biodegradable material. They sit in landfills and take hundreds of years to break down.

Not only do plastic straws contribute to overfull landfills, but they contribute to the overall global problem of plastic pollution. The production and burning of plastic contribute heavily to the emission of greenhouse gases.

Paper straws are an excellent alternative to plastic straws because they will break down in a few months, unlike single-use plastics. Several studies show that paper straws decompose in one to two months.

Paper straws are the best alternative to their plastic counterparts when looking for a single-use straw. Our straws turn back into the Earth less than 90 days after being discarded.

Do Paper Straws Work as Well as Plastic Straws?

Plastic straws are popular for a good reason. They hold up well when placed in liquid. That means they do not become soggy when enjoying your favorite beverage.

Some paper straws have received negative press because they can become soggy when placed in liquid. We do not like the taste of paper in our drinks either!

That is why Boss Straw wanted to create a different type of paper straw. First, we wanted to create a sustainable solution that could replace the use of plastic straws. But more importantly, we wanted our paper straws to hold up and plastic straws.

Our Paper Straws Are Different

While some paper straws can turn wet and taste like pulp, ours are different. At Boss Straw, we understand that nobody likes a soggy straw. Our straws do not taste like paper and can stay in your drink for 24 hours without going soggy.

Our straws are also earth-friendly, made from 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding. We would love to talk with you further about how our straws are different than other paper straws. Contact us today!