Paper straw in drink lasts 24 hours.

BOSS straw — 24-Hour Paper Straw Challenge

BOSS straw has entered the paper straw scene with a straw that defies all paper straw assumptions. The worst assumption about paper straws is that they fall apart, turning to mush before one can even finish a drink. A flood of poorly made paper straws created this perception. That’s why Enviro Sip Straw developed BOSS straw; a paper straw that can stay strong enough to drink with after soaking in a soda for 24 hours.

The 24-Hour BOSS straw Challenge:

If you operate a restaurant, hotel, bar, food service, resort, or distribute food wares, we invite you to take the 24-HOUR CHALLENGE. Contact the BOSS straw team here to request a sample. Here’s how to participate.

  1. Request your sample pack of BOSS straws
  2. You will receive a sample pack so you and few associates can try the straws
  3. Unwrap a straw and soak it in a soda
  4. Soak the straw for 24 hours
  5. Place the straw into a fresh drink and sip from the soaked end

After 24 hours in a soda, your BOSS straw will be soaked on the dunked end and begin to discolor. However, it still has enough integrity for drinking. The straw shouldn’t collapse, dissolve, or become mush in your mouth because the BOSS is 24-Hours Strong.

BOSS straw is Never Messy

Our team set out to make a straw that would survive a meal or perhaps a long evening sipping on a couple of drinks. The result of our research and development was a straw that would last much, much longer. While the BOSS straw is 24-hours strong, it still composts and breaks down in fresh water and seawater without releasing harmful substances into the environment.

Benefits of BOSS Straw Paper Drinking Straws

 Strong — Even in soda, BOSS straw resists collapsing, shredding, or becoming soggy for 24+ hours.

  • Taste Free — No pulpy, paper taste interfering with your water, tea, lemonade, or pop.
  • Earth Friendly — Made from 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding.

Contact us today for samples and to try the 24-hour challenge.