BOSS straw website launch

BOSS Straw — We Launched Our Store

Since opening our doors six months ago, we’ve seen a lot of interest in our product. Now, we are excited to make BOSS straws more accessible with our online store. Of course, you can still contact us for samples or to inquire about customized wrappers for your business. After all, we love talking about our straws.

Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or purchase food service products for hotels, zoos, museums, universities, or anywhere else, BOSS straw is ready to fulfill on your order. Treat your guests to paper straws that are good for the environment without falling apart in their drinks.

In case you haven’t heard, BOSS straws are 24-hours strong. Coincidentally, or store is open 24 hours a day. So, the next time a customer of yours complains about a disgusting straw falling apart in their mouth, you can place an order for BOSS straw, even if you just closed the bar.

Shop our online store here!

Boss straws are:

  • Strong — Even in soda, BOSS straw resists collapsing, shredding, or becoming soggy for 24+ hours.
  • Taste Free — No pulpy, paper taste interfering with your water, tea, lemonade, or pop.
  • Earth Friendly — Made from 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding.

Have you taken the BOSS straw 24-hour challenge? Learn about it here.