Environment Champion Recognized As Small Business Champion

Enviro Sip Straw is thrilled to be the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) 2021 Business Champion for companies having fewer than 25 employees! This distinction was awarded at the MCEDC Annual Dinner held November 10 in Crystal Lake, IL.

Over the past two years, companies in McHenry County and across the nation have had to adapt to adverse business conditions resulting from the pandemic. Despite the impact the virus has had on the hospitality industry, the Enviro Sip Straw team has seen demand increase for its environmentally friendly BOSS straw and was recognized by MCEDC for its continued success.

The BOSS straw is made with sustainably sourced paper, is biodegradable and strengthened with food-safe binding. It doesn’t become soggy in beverages, even after soaking for 24 hours in cola, and doesn’t have an aftertaste.

Founded by Gaetano (Guy) Spinelli, Enviro Sip Straw manufactures its BOSS straw in the Chicago suburb of Woodstock.

BOSS Straw — We Launched Our Store

Since opening our doors six months ago, we’ve seen a lot of interest in our product. Now, we are excited to make BOSS straws more accessible with our online store. Of course, you can still contact us for samples or to inquire about customized wrappers for your business. After all, we love talking about our straws.

Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or purchase food service products for hotels, zoos, museums, universities, or anywhere else, BOSS straw is ready to fulfill on your order. Treat your guests to paper straws that are good for the environment without falling apart in their drinks.

In case you haven’t heard, BOSS straws are 24-hours strong. Coincidentally, or store is open 24 hours a day. So, the next time a customer of yours complains about a disgusting straw falling apart in their mouth, you can place an order for BOSS straw, even if you just closed the bar.

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Boss straws are:

  • Strong — Even in soda, BOSS straw resists collapsing, shredding, or becoming soggy for 24+ hours.
  • Taste Free — No pulpy, paper taste interfering with your water, tea, lemonade, or pop.
  • Earth Friendly — Made from 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding.

Have you taken the BOSS straw 24-hour challenge? Learn about it here.

BOSS straw — 24-Hour Paper Straw Challenge

BOSS straw has entered the paper straw scene with a straw that defies all paper straw assumptions. The worst assumption about paper straws is that they fall apart, turning to mush before one can even finish a drink. A flood of poorly made paper straws created this perception. That’s why Enviro Sip Straw developed BOSS straw; a paper straw that can stay strong enough to drink with after soaking in a soda for 24 hours.

The 24-Hour BOSS straw Challenge:

If you operate a restaurant, hotel, bar, food service, resort, or distribute food wares, we invite you to take the 24-HOUR CHALLENGE. Contact the BOSS straw team here to request a sample. Here’s how to participate.

  1. Request your sample pack of BOSS straws
  2. You will receive a sample pack so you and few associates can try the straws
  3. Unwrap a straw and soak it in a soda
  4. Soak the straw for 24 hours
  5. Place the straw into a fresh drink and sip from the soaked end

After 24 hours in a soda, your BOSS straw will be soaked on the dunked end and begin to discolor. However, it still has enough integrity for drinking. The straw shouldn’t collapse, dissolve, or become mush in your mouth because the BOSS is 24-Hours Strong.

BOSS straw is Never Messy

Our team set out to make a straw that would survive a meal or perhaps a long evening sipping on a couple of drinks. The result of our research and development was a straw that would last much, much longer. While the BOSS straw is 24-hours strong, it still composts and breaks down in fresh water and seawater without releasing harmful substances into the environment.

Benefits of BOSS Straw Paper Drinking Straws

 Strong — Even in soda, BOSS straw resists collapsing, shredding, or becoming soggy for 24+ hours.

  • Taste Free — No pulpy, paper taste interfering with your water, tea, lemonade, or pop.
  • Earth Friendly — Made from 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding.

Contact us today for samples and to try the 24-hour challenge.

Biodegradable Plastic Straws Vs. Paper Drinking Straws

As a manufacturer of Paper Drinking Straws, we hope that consumers shift away from single-use plastics like plastic straws. There are plenty of options, including paper straws, bioplastic straws, reusable straws, or even sipping from the edge of a glass. However, some of these options are more sustainable and more beneficial to the environment than others.

The idea that we can stop using plastic straws and switch to something safe and identical is very appealing. This similar experience is what makers of bioplastic straws are after. Unfortunately, it isn’t true. There are benefits to bioplastic straws, but the drawbacks are significant. Without question, the best environmental choice is to drink from the edge of a glass. However, if you’re going to use a disposable straw, we recommend paper.

Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Bioplastic Straws

Drinking a cool beverage with a bioplastic straw feels just like using plastic. They will melt in a hot drink over 157º F. However, they are smooth, taste-free, and can even be colorful. Unlike poorly made paper straws, they do not fall apart while you’re using them (side note: BOSS straw paper drinking straws are 24-hours strong). This equivalent experience is enticing, but it also poses a problem. But, before we explore drawbacks, there are environmental benefits.

Bioplastic breaks down in the ideal composting environment within a matter of months rather than hundreds of years. Manufacturing bioplastic using plant sources reduces fossil fuel demand, and when made with PLA plastic, it shouldn’t contain pollutants or dangerous BPAs.

 Benefits of Bioplastic Straws:

  • Smooth, taste-free, and colorful (behaves like plastic)
  • Natural plant sources reduce fossil fuel demand
  • Potentially decomposes without leaving pollutants behind
  • Breaks down within months in the proper conditions

Although there are real benefits to bioplastic over plastic, there are serious drawbacks. Mimicking the experience of plastic while pleasing to the consumer is also a problem. The consumer cannot tell the difference between bioplastic and plastic, which creates a problem in the trash bin. Decomposing bioplastic requires specific composting conditions. To properly recycle plastic, the lot cannot be contaminated with bioplastic. The expectation that consumers will place the correct trash in the proper container is a stretch. Furthermore, much of the world lacks the composting infrastructure to decompose bioplastic.

What’s worse is that PLA straws do not degrade in water, making them as harmful to sea life as plastic straws. When they do happen to breakdown in soil and water, they increase the acidity in the environment. PLA is polylactic acid, and therefore acidic. Ph imbalance can kill marine life and harm young plants. A wholesale increase of PLA in the environment is not ideal.

Switching from plastic to bioplastic is hardly a switch at all. It’s possibly worse. Bioplastic lulls the consumer into believing they are helping the environment when it is the least beneficial replacement to plastic.

Why Choose Paper Drinking Straws?

The common misconception that paper straws fall apart was caused by a few manufacturers, primarily in China, that produced vast quantities of junk straws. Quality paper drinking straws, like BOSS straw, do not turn to mush in your mouth. You can tell the difference between a BOSS straw and a plastic straw, but the experience is pleasant where it matters most.

Benefits of BOSS straw, Paper Drinking Straws:

  • 24-hours strong, even in soda
  • Taste-free performance
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and food-safe material
  • Break down in water (just not while you’re using them)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sustainably sourced paper

With any disposable product, there is an element of waste. Manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of the product and raw materials require energy. We are proud that Enviro Sip Straw’s BOSS straw is eco-friendly. We are working hard to offset our environmental footprint, source sustainable materials, and be a positive force toward supporting our environment, from climate change to wildlife safety.

Click here to learn more about BOSS straw.

Paper Straws or Plastic Straws? The Choice is Clear

The push to go paperless was once central to environmentalists, and rightfully so. The paper industry, like most industries, had plenty of opportunities to improve sustainability. The pressures on the paper industry in the 1980s and ’90s led to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, recycling programs, consumer advocacy for recycled goods, and innovations throughout the manufacturing process.

What was once a focus of environmental concern became an industry success story. Paper is no longer a problem; it is a solution. With recent legislation against plastic straws, we have gone full circle on paper. Enter the paper drinking straw.

Once a Novelty, Paper Straws are Going Mainstream

Paper straws began as a novelty you might experience at a zoo, aquarium, or another environmentally concerned venue. Zoos and aquariums have a vested interest in keeping their animals safe from their guests’ litter, and plastic straws can be very troublesome. However, what makes sense for zoos and aquariums, makes sense for our planet. National, state, and community bans on plastic straws are spreading around the globe and across the United States. Unfortunately, cheap paper straws are flooding the market after these bans, and restaurants are learning the hard way that not all paper straws are equal.

Poorly Made Straws are Damaging the Paper Straw Market

Poorly made paper straw imports are damaging public perception. Restaurant buyers and distributors searching for low-cost options have stumbled across this glut of terrible straws. Their customers left the hotel or restaurant and told their tale of sipping $15 cocktails through mushy straws. Many consumers have shared this experience with paper straws. If this is your perception of the paper straw, then choosing to sip from the glass or using plastic would be understandable. The truth is, there are paper straws, like BOSS straw, that stay strong for hours, are taste-free, and safely decompose in the environment.

 Plastic Straws are a Clear Danger

Advocates for ditching straws altogether argue that the carbon emissions from paper manufacturing are harmful. This is a weak argument and a distraction from a much larger problem. Plastic straws require oil, stick around for hundreds of years, break down into harmful microplastics, and get caught in the throats of wildlife. Furthermore, material supply chain and manufacturing for plastic straws also result in carbon emissions and involve oil pipelines and tankers. This article posted by the WWF gives even greater detail on the lifecycle of plastics.

What is Wrong with Plastic Straws?

  • 200-year life cycle
  • Breaks down into harmful microplastics
  • Requires oil for manufacturing
  • Dangerous to animals when swallowed

Quality Paper Drinking Straws — Great to Use and Better for the Environment

Paper straws go away. They are made from recyclable paper and food-grade binding designed to compost in the soil and break down in seawater. While choosing to sip from the edge of a cup is the best choice for our environment, false equivalencies between plastic and paper straws are meritless and only serve a do-nothing mindset.

The struggle to achieve sustainability and harmony with the environment will not end with paper drinking straws, but it is estimated that 8.3 billion plastic straws litter coastlines globally, contributing to microplastics in our food supply, and endangering our ecosystem. Enviro Sip Straw is proud to be a part of this struggle, and we hope that our BOSS straw makes a difference.

 Benefits of BOSS Straw Paper Drinking Straws:

  •  Strong — Even in soda, BOSS straw resists collapsing, shredding, or becoming soggy for 24+ hours.
  • Taste Free — No pulpy, paper taste interfering with your water, tea, lemonade, or pop.
  • Earth Friendly — Made from 100% recyclable paper and food-grade, biodegradable binding.

What Goes into the Perfect Drinking Straw?

What goes into the perfect drinking straw? The answer is paper. That is not the answer anyone would have given ten years ago. Even recently, you may have used a paper drinking straw and thought, “Gee, this straw is terrible, but at least I’m not hurting the environment.” Unfortunately, the market is full of cheap paper straws.

Cheap straws become soggy and sloppy and taste like paper pulp. The creators of BOSS straw love paper, and they also happen to enjoy beverages with straws. Guided by their passion and knowledge of paper, they sought to defend paper’s reputation, create a great straw, and help the planet.

Making straws from paper takes more than rolling paper into a tube. Paper is porous, and there are various fiber qualities, binding, and many other factors to consider. The BOSS straw creators were confident they could solve these challenges and create a quality drinking straw.

Here were their conditions for research and development:

  1. Clean, food-grade manufacturing
  2. Strength to last 24 hours in soda
  3. Resists spilling with carbonated beverages
  4. Taste-free in water, tea, or any beverage
  5. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable

Clean, Food Grade Manufacturing

BOSS straws are made in the USA in the Enviro Sip Straw plant in Illinois, supervised by the BOSS in a clean environment. Paper is porous, so they needed a fully automated production line from forming and coating to cutting and wrapping.  The BOSS also added a couple of proprietary steps in the process that would make all the difference. Of course, all binding, coating, and materials had to be food-grade and eco-friendly.

Strength to Last 24 Hours in Soda

Surviving in soda was critical. Every soda contains carbonic acid created by the combination of water, carbon dioxide, and pressure. But that’s not all. Fruity sodas can contain citric acid, and many sodas contain phosphoric acid for a sharper taste and as a preservative. These acids wreak havoc on paper. The BOSS straw needed to endure 24 hours of battle.

Resists Spilling Over with Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks also climb up regular paper straws. The upward bubbling, combined with viscosity and porous paper, causes carbonated liquids to climb up cheap paper straws. Plastic straws easily resist this problem because they are too slick. The BOSS straw needed to keep this mess from happening.

Taste-Free in Water, Tea, or Any Drink

There is nothing worse than drinking a delicate iced tea and mainly tasting paper. Okay, a bug live or dead in your drink would be worse. But you didn’t want a paper-pulp-infused iced tea. You ordered a pomegranate-infused black tea that cost you five dollars, and you didn’t want it to taste like a college-ruled notebook. The BOSS straw needed to be tasteless in a refined way.

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and 100% Recyclable

Paper has been given a bad rap for a long time. However, you will not find a giant floating island of paper in the middle of an ocean. It isn’t collecting in a river delta or caught in an animal’s throat. Paper goes away, and when BOSS straws go away, they leave nothing unwanted behind. The paper pulp is sourced sustainably, and all binding and materials are food-grade, safe for consumption, soil, and waterways.

The Best Straw

The resulting straw wasn’t just the best paper straw, but the best straw. The straw was named BOSS straw because it is the boss. It features all the benefits of plastic straws while being safe for the environment and economical to produce.

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