Boss Straw Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping Policy

Buyers are responsible for shipping-related charges. Freight is billed as freight collect, F.O.B. shipping point. Buyers should provide a valid third-party freight billing account at the time the order is placed. If Buyers do not have a valid shipping account, freight can be added to domestic orders via UPS ground, but this option must be paid in advance of shipping.

For orders being shipped by common carrier, Buyers must provide a valid shipping address. Post office boxes are not valid. Title transfer and risk of loss pass to the Buyer with delivery to a common carrier or agent.

If a Buyer provides an incorrect or invalid UPS account number, the Buyer will be responsible for fees charged back to Enviro Sip Straw.  If a Buyer fails to pay these fees, the Buyer will not be able to place orders or to receive shipments until the fees are paid.

Enviro Sip Straw / Boss Straw is not responsible for VAT, other taxes, duties, brokers, or customs charges or any additional fees not specifically listed herein.  International shipments may be insured at the Buyer’s expense.

Orders received by 3:00 pm CST will ship the same day. Orders received after 3:00 pm CST will ship the following business day. Lead times may be adjusted from time to time. Boss Straw representatives will inform you of any changes when your order is placed.

Return Policy

Due to health and safety concerns, we have a No Returns policy once the Product has left the custody of Enviro Sip Straw / Boss Straw. The only exception to this policy is when a claim is made for a defect in materials or workmanship.

Product Replacement:

Defective Product

Should an item be found upon receipt to be defective, please call us. A Boss Straw representative will work with you to have the defective product returned at no charge. If the product is found to be defective, the Boss Straw representative will issue a return material authorization (“RMA”) and instructions for the return of the Product. Only defective products with a properly documented RMA before Buyer’s delivery to a common carrier may be returned. The RMA shall be placed in an envelope and shall accompany the return shipment. Returned items must be returned within 10 business days of receipt of the product, in their original carton, quantity, packaging, and receipt paperwork. Defective products will be replaced as soon as possible. All orders are non-refundable.


Please notify us after seven days if your merchandise does not arrive. We will provide pertinent information to assist the Buyer in filing a tracer with the selected carrier. Upon confirmation from the carrier of a non-delivery, the merchandise will be replaced.

Policies Relating to Damaged Merchandise

Title Transfer and risk of Loss pass to the Buyer upon delivery to a common carrier. Enviro Sip Straw / Boss Straw is not responsible for any damage caused in transit. Freight terms are FOB shipping point, freight collect. If the Buyer receives damaged merchandise, the Buyer is responsible to contact the carrier that shipped the merchandise immediately to file a claim.